The Jingles

The jingles that James played were generally generic ones from the time. Here are those that I have found - To download in MP3 format, Just right-click, "Save target as...", or just click to listen now:

Feel the power... Piccadilly Radio

Straight from the heart it's Piccadilly... 24 hours of music each day... Piccadilly Radio

Piccadilly... with the latest news as it happens...
This is the jingle that led into the news

The music experience... Piccadilly

Key 103... Piccadilly Key 103
This may have been from just after the Emissions ended, but was similar to the ones he would have played

Feel your heartbeat... Feel your heartbeat... On Piccadilly Radio... 24 hours a day

Piccadillyyyy... Radioooo

Piccadilly Radio
This had quite a long instrumental before the brief "Picadilly Radio" at the end

More coming soon...

Last Updated: Wed 18 December 2013