Site Updates

This page is just a log of additions and amendments to this site. This will make it easier to know what has been added or changed since you were last here.

Mon 25 January 2021
I have updated the Unofficial Recordings page to add the missing Full Breakdown page for TalkSport show 1 July 2000.

Sat 16 January 2021
I have updated the Unofficial Recordings page to tidy it up and also move a new recording from June 1986 to become Track 02. Also updated the front page text.

Sun 4 June 2017
I have updated the Nocturnal Emissions page with some information provided by David Dunne who was one of James's producers and stood in occasionally when James was on holiday.

Thu 23 Oct 2014
Minor amendment to "The BBC GMR Story" page, making it clear that the web site was only live until 2008 and is now only visible via the Internet Archive.

Wed 18 Dec 2013
Added new clip to Youtube from late June 1986 of a call from Ashley Reece and Andrew Haffner of WHGS. Link added as Track 02 to the Unofficial Recordings page. Also added two new jingles to The Jingles page.

Sat 15 Dec 2013
Corrected the outdated URLs to the Lancashire Telegraph article and James's old site on "The BBC GMR Story" page, and slightly re-worded some of the text.

Tue 26 Nov 2013
Added link to proof about Piccadilly's original 97.0FM frequency to the Nocturnal Emissions page, as well as a minor re-edit of one of the paragraphs. Also made a couple of minor typo fixes to The Correspondents page.

Wed 26 Dec 2012
A couple of amendments to the Jim Reeve League Table page. Added more info and a photo of The Minister For Cheadle Hulme to The Correspondents page. Another jingle added to The Jingles page. Also added new clip to Unofficial Recordings page of Paul Williamson's first letter to the programme on 1 July 1986.

Tue 25 Dec 2012
Added extra paragraph to the Nocturnal Emissions page about Allan Beswick and James Whale, also including a link to my signed James Whale photo. Also removed Radio Station Photos page as I can't remember what exactly I was going to put there.

Mon 24 Dec 2012
Added Full Details link to the July 2000 TalkSport show.

Sat 22 Dec 2012
Added a brand new show to the Unofficial Recordings page in the Bonus Material catergory as is a full show from James's TalkSport era - 1st July 2000.

Wed 19 Dec 2012
Added 3 new jingles to the Jingles page to make 5 in total so far. Brand new page added called "The Jim Reeve League Table" which incorporates the originally planned Letters From James page.

Tue 18 Dec 2012
Added clip to the Unofficial Recordings page of Paul Williamson's 1st call to the programme which was from the early part of the 2nd July 1986 show. Also started The Jingles page at last and added two jingles to it. Also removed the Dale Winton Story page link as I have no idea what I was going to put there.

Mon 17 Dec 2012
Moved the full details of the full/part show clips to separate txt files linked on the Unofficial Recordings page, so as not to take up so much room on the page. Also added new show to the page - 3 July 1986.

Fri 7 Dec 2012
Added new show to the Unofficial Recordings page - 2 July 1986.

Thu 6 Dec 2012
Added full detail of the 19 June 1986 recording on the Unofficial Recordings page.

Sat 24 Nov 2012
Edit of the description of the 19 June 1986 recording on the Unofficial Recordings page.

Wed 14 Nov 2012
Pocket Emissions cassette is now available to download again, and I have also added it to YouTube with a link from the Pocket Emissions page.

Tue 13 Nov 2012
Started work on re-doing the Unofficial Recordings page by getting the clips and shows hosted by YouTube instead of Esnips. I have placed the earliest recording currently available (Thu 19 June 1986) and more will follow soon.

Mon 12 Nov 2012
Added details of James's twitter account to the Nocturnal Emissions page. Also did a big HTML tidy-up of it to fix the bloated code and permament bold font. Tidied up and minor re-editing of The Correspondents page.

Sat 10 Nov 2012
Re-edited the Nocturnal Emissions page, including moving Rock Radio and Revolution information from the index to that page. Removed code from ancient banner ads that no longer work. Removed defunct Yahoo group link from menus. General tidy-up of front-page menu.