The BBC GMR Story

On Tuesday 22 September 1998, James H walked out of his job at BBC GMR. The full details of the reason he did so seem far too complicated to go into here, but suffice to say that he was less than impressed with the way matters were handled following some comments he made on air.

There are two online resources available for further reading on the matter.

There is an archived copy of a news article in the Lancashire Evening Telegraph, first published on 21 September 2001, three years after the incident. It explains that James was now attempting to clear his name and that he was setting up another Web site about the incident, after an original one was pulled from the Internet by the ISP.

DJ's Fight with BBC - Lancashire Evening Telegraph

The actual Web site that James purchased, as described in the above newspaper article remained online until late 2008. though is archived here in full and goes into great detail about the incident, explaining how James had been unfairly treated.


The newspaper article mentions that James "could face legal action" regarding the Web site and also that the BBC had said that the matter "was still in the hands of the legal department". The site says that no legal action was taken against James, and they were just trying to stop people reading it.

I am not aware how this has all ended, or whether it just fizzled out into nothing - although clearly leaving a bitter taste in James's mouth so to speak. If you know more then let me know!


Last Updated: Sun 31 January 2021